The Swiss utility company EBL (Elektra Basel Land) secures an investment of 85 % for construction and operation of the solar thermal power plant PE 2, designed and developed by Novatec Solar. Industriellen Werke Basel (IWB) are also likely to invest in this project. The solar thermal power plant PE 2 has a capacity of 30 Megawatt and includes a solar field of 280.000 m2. The project will generate enough electricity to supply 11.000 households. The ground breaking ceremony of Puerto Errado II is planned for October 2009 subject to the decision about the projects inclusion in the new feed-in tariff regime for solar power in Spain.

The solar thermal power plant PE 2 is based on Novatec Solar’s innovative solar technology Nova-1, which has also proved its value in Novatec Solar’s PE1 demonstration plant. The significantly reduced material requirements of the solar field, fully automated serial production of primary reflectors and the simplified power plant design were decisive criteria for the Investment of the Swiss utility companies.
The lack of any need for fossil fuel based co-firing and the application of air cooled condensers instead of water coolers with enormous high water consumption in PE 2 additionally offer ecological advantages leading to low operational costs on a long-term basis for the power plant owner.

The investment of EBL as an energy provider with a deep technological and market knowledge confirms Novatec Solar’s strategy. In the short term, Novatec Solar is planning the development of further solar power plants and accordingly the extension of the production capacity for solar field elements in Southern Spain.

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