The solar power station Puerto Errado 1 (PE 1) has an electrical output of 1.4 MW and is based on the Linear Fresnel Collector technology. The generated electricity has been fed into the local network since March 2009. The modular system Nova-1 allows a scaling of solar fields from one to several hundred MW. This is the first time that this system has been used in a commercial network. The power station is currently used to demonstrate Novatec’s superheating solar technology.

1.4 MW solar power station Puerto Errado 1, Spain

Key data on the solar power station PE 1
Manufacturer Novatec Solar
Product name Evaporator, Superheater
Model 2 rows of linear Fresnel collectors with saturated steam, 1 row with superheated steam, conventional steam turbine equipment and generator
Solar field length 806.40 m
Net aperture area 21,567.60 m²
Operating temperature 500 °C
Operating pressure 55 bar
Peak thermal output 11,5 MWth
Peak electrical output 1,4 MWel
Electrical yield 2000 MWh/year
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